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  • Meet the Remarkable Oldest Football Players in the World

    Did you know that some football players defy age and continue to shine on the field? While the average career span of a professional player is around 15 years, there are extraordinary individuals who push the boundaries with their unwavering dedication to the game. So, who holds the title of the oldest player in the […]

  • The corner kick in football. Explained, history and how it works

    defending a corner kick

    When your team is allowed to take the corner kick, it is one of the most thrilling moments in a soccer match. You have the potential to practically single-handedly advance the ball towards the penalty area of the opposing team, increasing the likelihood that your team will score.   History of the corner kick A […]

  • Referee rules in football, history and regulations

    video assistant referee

    The 7th court referee rules in football have different regulations than the football rules for 5-a-side or 11-a-side football. Because of many constitutive factors such as the number of people on the field and the time of the game, … Let’s learn more about football rules for referee through the following article. History Of Referee? […]

  • Standard Football Pitch Size: Accurate Dimension Of Pitch Size

    Football fields are a crucial component of the sport. A pitch may be the difference between playing and not playing, winning and losing, joy and frustration, depending on where you sit on the football pyramid. Below are several pieces of information related to the standard size of a football pitch. Size Of Standard Football Pitch […]

  • Yellow and red cards in football, history and regulations


    Let’s take a quick look back at how red and yellow cards in football came to be before we go deeper into them and what they symbolize. Players can be caution card and reprimanded in one of three ways in the current political correctness and game climate: they can be given a Yellow Card or […]