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  • Standard Football Pitch Size: Accurate Dimension Of Pitch Size

    Football fields are a crucial component of the sport. A pitch may be the difference between playing and not playing, winning and losing, joy and frustration, depending on where you sit on the football pyramid. Below are several pieces of information related to the standard size of a football pitch. Size Of Standard Football Pitch […]

  • Yellow and red cards in football, history and regulations


    Let’s take a quick look back at how red and yellow cards in football came to be before we go deeper into them and what they symbolize. Players can be caution card and reprimanded in one of three ways in the current political correctness and game climate: they can be given a Yellow Card or […]

  • Who has the most yellow cards in football history?


    Yellow cards are one of the familiar penalties in football for players or coaches who violate the game’s rules. So who has the most yellow cards in football history? Follow along with the following article to get the answer. Intro yellow card history  A yellow card meaning is a form of warning to players on […]

  • Players With The Most Red Cards In History Football


    In the history of football, the highest number of red cards received is 46 red cards during the playing career of Gerardo Bedoya or Sergio Ramos red cards also received 22 during his peak battle years. Let’s take a look at the football players with the most red cards in history. Red Card History  Yellow […]