Why is Manchester United always slow in the transfer market?


Manchester United has gained a reputation for swiftly generating transfer rumors, yet their ability to finalize deals often lags behind. This trend has persisted not just in the summer of 2023 but over the past decade. What factors contribute to this prolonged delay in sealing agreements? Read on to find out about Manchester United’s slow signing!

Over the past decade, Manchester United has struggled to match the agility and uniqueness displayed by clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and even their local rivals, Liverpool and Manchester City, in their transfer activities. The root of the problem lies within Manchester United’s recruitment team, which has hindered their ability to capitalize on their abundant resources.

Bebe – Manchester United’s worst signings.

During the reign of Alex Ferguson, Manchester United experienced unparalleled success, yet his illustrious tenure often overshadowed two noteworthy issues that the team faced. First of all, their over-reliance on Sir Alex Ferguson’s training abilities and his talent-spotting instincts became evident. This was exemplified by the ill-fated signing of Bebe, where Ferguson hadn’t even seen the player in action before. Neglecting this fact, Manchester United created a system of scouting personnel that proved to be “ineffective.”

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The issue of Manchester United’s struggles with marquee signings is also often attributed to bad luck. In reality, the club’s most successful signings during Ferguson’s era were relatively unknown players with great potentials, such as Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Wayne Rooney, and Michael Carrick. However, when it came to signing established superstars like Veron, the outcomes were disappointing. Manchester United tended to dismiss these failures as mere bad luck, overlooking any potential recruitment issues. Unfortunately, after Ferguson’s retirement, the club experienced a disastrous period in the transfer market.

Manchester United’s chief scout Jim Lawlor leaving Red Devils.

Last year, the sudden departure of Manchester United’s seasoned scouts Jim Lawlor and Marcel Bout, along with Matt Judge, the club’s head of transfer negotiations, left fans in shock. It was revealed that the club’s scouting system was the underlying concern, as it was considered to be “abundant but lacking refinement.”

Despite having a worldwide presence and conducting regular training at Carrington training ground, Manchester United’s performance has been disappointing, resulting in a wastage of resources. To enhance their team, the Glazer family took the decision to offload underperforming players, enabling them to acquire top-quality signings such as Casemiro, Christian Eriksen, and Lisandro Martinez during the recent summer transfer window. However, unexpected problems emerged within the upper management of Manchester United, disrupting the previously calm atmosphere.


The uncertainty surrounding the Glazer family’s response to purchase offers from Qatar’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, and other potential investors has left Manchester United without a clear transfer strategy. The decision of whether to proceed with the purchase remains unanswered, along with the funding source and destination of the funds. These pressing questions leave the club in a state of ambiguity and speculation.

Even coach Erik ten Hag feels helpless in Manchester United’s transfer budget for the summer of 2023. The Dutch strategist is uncertain about the amount allocated to him and the impact it will have, considering the lack of significant progress in the transfer process.

Manchester United is indeed a club that struggles in the transfer market.

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